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Joëlle and Nico come

Full Circle with New CD

 January 22, 2015 – Nanaimo, BC

Full Circle: the newest CD release by Canadian singer Joëlle Rabu, showcases the vocal prowess for which Joëlle is known (Tonight…Piaf), combined with the piano virtuosity of her son, Nico Rhodes. This CD speaks to both heart and soul, spanning an emotional gamut from vulnerable to powerhouse, velvet to whisky and regret to salvation.

Well-known for her ability to delve into several musical styles, Joëlle’s interpretation of classic European cabaret-style tunes, jazz melodies, and heart wrenching torch songs has left her audiences spellbound where ever she has toured. What makes her current CD even more unique and entertaining is the connection she has with her accompanist pianist, Nico Rhodes. Nico is Joëlle’s son who is making his own headlines as an accomplished musician, composer and arranger on the Canadian Composition, Jazz and Musical Theatre scenes.

Joëlle was born in Winnipeg to French parents and since her stage debut in 1983, she has won several theatre and touring awards; performed throughout 5 continents, has numerous theatrical productions to her credit as well as concert performances for Royalty and with Symphony Orchestras across Canada and in the USA.

Nico was born in Vancouver, raised by a musical community as he travelled with his late father, lighting designer Dusty Rhodes and his mother’s long-time musicians to pretty much every major theatre in the country. By the time Nico had reached his 25th year, he had several Jazz and Classical performance awards and dozens of musical theatre directions credits to his name. Lately, his most formidable projects were in the form of writing orchestral arrangements for 2 Symphony shows; one being Rick Scott’s ‘My Symphony’ and the other, his mother’s renown classic ‘Tonight…Piaf ‘ which she premiered with her quartet, 6 months before Nico was born… 25 years ago this year.

In a span of 25 years, Life can fill time with many emotions… Full Circle expresses the laughter, the heartache; the bittersweet moments of the past quarter century experienced by both mother and son.

Note from Joëlle and Nico:

The cover art symbol (the circle) was chosen by chance, not knowing the meaning or symbolism. We later discovered that it is an Ensō, Zen circles that are symbols of teaching, reality, enlightenment, and myriad things in between. It symbolizes the state of mind of the artist at the moment of creation the acceptance of imperfection as perfect. If you actually took the meaning of the two Kanji symbols that make up the word, Ensō would translate as Mutual Circle or Circle of Togetherness.

Ensō evokes power, dynamism, charm, humor, drama, and stillness.

We recorded this CD on a creative whim, no overdubs, no multiple takes, all live…performed with a simple mutual desire to sing, to play, to breathe together.

Thank you for listening!

Touring /Press Contact: Caline Artists International 1-800-539-8558     Facebook

LINER NOTES: Full Circle ~ Joëlle Rabu & Nico Rhodes
full circle / adverb : through a series of changes that lead back to an original position or situation

1) A Song for You 3:06
Leon Russell

2) The Lovers 4:28
Rick Scott

3) Don’t Explain 5:01
Sugg, Patrick/Ortega, Dean/Lee, Gary/Sutton, Gregg

4) Fleur Sauvage 3:50
Richardson/D. Edwards/French lyrics by Joëlle Rabu

5) The Old Me 3:24
Lani Nash

6) La Belle Histoire D’amour 2:49
Charles Dumont

7) Les Feuilles Mortes 4:55
Joseph Kosma/Jacques Prévert

8) Wonderful World Medley 6:20
G Douglas, G D Weiss/Arlen, Harburg/ B Holiday, A Herzog

9) Cucurucucu 4:01
Tomás Méndez

10) Je Ne Regrette Rien 2:59
Charles Dumont


Joëlle Rabu ~ Vocals

Nico Rhodes ~ Piano, Vocal harmonies on Cucurucucu

Special Guest ~ Rick Scott on Dulcimer & Vocal harmonies on The Lovers

All musical arrangements by Nico Rhodes with the odd idea here and there from mom

Engineered, Mixed & Sculpted by Rick Salt at Lois Lane Studio in Nanaimo, BC Oct-Dec 2014 ~ Mastered at Tranquility Studios

Gratitude to all of our Musical Muses & Marvelous Mentors from here and there, from past and present

This CD is dedicated to Dusty ‘cause he’s not here to come full circle with us

All Rights Reserved   Made in Canada



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  1. Janice Heck says:

    Where can I get a copy of the new CD? I love Joelle Rabu! I’ve seen her in “Piaf” and also in Puerto Vallarta where she did a concert at the Palms nightclub. She’s a wonderful singer, and her son, Nico, is extremely talented, too.

    Is the CD available at HMV? Do I have to order it online? Please let me know.

    Congratulations to this mother-son duo!

    Janice :-)

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