Performance History

Theatre Performance History

A Countryside Christmas 2011   Judy Cornwall    Dir: Julie McIsaac  Chemainus Theatre Festival

Marion Bridge 2008          Teresa
Dir: Burton Lancaster TheatreOne Nanaimo

Murder on the Nile 2007         Louise
Dir: Jeremy Tow      CTF, Chemainus, BC

Anything Goes 2007          Reno Sweeney
Dir: Todd Talbot    CTF, Chemainus, BC

The Rats 2003          Ensemble
Dir: David Snider          CTF, Chemainus, BC

Hot Flashes 2002            Janet
Dir: David Mann             TheatreOne, Nanaimo

Time of our Lives # 2001‐07 Concert Touring                  Canada, USA

Lies & Legends 2000             Mother
Dir: Todd Waite              Belfry Theatre

Time of our Lives 1990‐99           Concert Touring                   Canada, USA, Africa

Tonight…Piaf 1989        Edith Piaf
Dir: Ray Michal           Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vanc.

Le Party de Michel Tremblay 1988    Agathe
Dir: Réjean Poirier         La Seizième

Don Messer’s Jubilee* 1987 Marg Osborne
Dir: Tom Kerr         Arts Club, Vanc.

Time of our Lives 1986‐87             Concert Touring                  East Europe, China

Goodnight Disgrace 1986             Jan Gabriel
Dir: Leon Pownall    Vancouver Playhouse

Piaf, Her Songs, Her Loves 1986    Edith Piaf
Dir: Ray Michal    City Stage, Vancouver,

Goodnight Disgrace 1985             Jan Gabriel
Dir: Leon Pownall    Shakespeare Plus

Irma La Douce 1985         Irma
Dir: Leon Pownall          Shakespeare Plus

Taming of the Shrew 1985    Ensemble musician
Dir: Michael Fawkes  Shakespeare Plus

Cabaret 1984    Sally Bowles
Dir: Leon Pownall             Shakespeare Plus

Goodnight Disgrace 1984    Jan Gabriel
Dir: Leon Pownall             Shakespeare Plus

Piaf, Her Songs, Her Loves** 1983‐84 Edith Piaf
Dir: Ray Michal       City Stage

Radio:CBC French radio host program ‘Correspondances’ January/February 2010
2010 Olympic Games

Television: Host and writer for ARTS EDGE Knowledge Network & TV Ontario 1994-96

Film: Voice‐overs for numerous corporate videos – French & English
Vocals on feature films Bowl of Bone Music by J. Douglas Dodd The Lighthouse Music by Michael Conway Baker

Special Events: production/writing/directing  [ 6 Open Minds shows, 10 AFN events, 5 Gala Provincial de la Chanson]

Recordings: 5 albums

[Label: RME Records & Goldrush Records]

Symphony Orchestra performances: Winnipeg, Phoenix, Vancouver, Kitchener‐Waterloo, Kamloops, VIS, Nova Scotia Symphony Orchestras


Jessie Richardson Award wins** / 1  Jessie Richardson Award nomination *

West Coast Juno nominee for PASSPORT album

Touring Artist of the Year Award #

Excellence in the Arts Award 2005



10 Responses to Performance History

  1. Ruby Johnson says:

    I attended a concert MANY years ago (maybe 25 years ago??!!) at the Sid Williams Theatre in Courtenay where Joelle Rabu performed a song called Emmon (maybe it is correctly spelled Eammon?) and I have never forgotten that performance! If my memory is correct, there was also someone playing beautiful violin to accompany the vocals. Joelle Rabu introduced the song as being very very ancient and maybe that is why I have been unable to find it anywhere! I would be so grateful if you were able to provide me with any additional information, thank you!

    • joelle says:

      Hello Ruby,
      Eamonn is an old Celtic tune that my violinist Tom Neville introduced to our group. I have never found a recording of it, Tom simply played it on the violin and we learned it. I agree with you, it is a beautiful tune, I just wish I had more information on the song. I’ll let you know if I learn more, thanks for the note!

  2. Joelle … people still ask, why don’t you get Joelle back? She was the greatest! We’d still like to see you in Port Ludlow again … so if you ca figure out a way to do it along with everything else you do … we would be ecstatic.

    Your loyal fans in Port Ludlow, Washington (USA)

    • joelle says:

      Hello Barbara and Port Ludlow! Thank you for your kind message. I’ll let you know if there are any performances on the horizon (I’ve taken a step away from touring) for we’d love to return to your community-great memories of the venue and welcome we received!

  3. wayne robertson says:

    joelle are there any cds or dvds availlable.thanks wayne

    • joelle says:

      THank you for the kind and generous words on your previous post Wayne! We do have CDs available of our Tonight…Piaf show (all the songs as presented in the stage play). You can place an order by emailing me directly at jrabuATshawDOTca include how many CDs you wish to order, a phone number and the mailing address. We mail the order out and you mail a payment cheque when you have received the order-the old honour system! The CD’s are $23 including tax and shipping, delivery takes 10 days to 2 weeks.
      Thanks again!

  4. Vicky Rogers says:

    The Arden Theatre is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary season next year and we are wondering if you could send us a 15-30 second Happy Anniversary/Best Wishes video. It was in or 1986-87 Season that you brought your “Piaf, Her Songs, Her Loves” to our stage and having you as part of our anniversary video would be wonderful. Please contact me if this is a possibility. We look forward to hearing from you.

    • joelle says:

      Hello Arden Theatre-fond memories of your venue! Thank you for the request, my apologies for the delay in answering, I’ve been away for the summer. Are you still making this video presentation or has the completion date passed? Please email me at jrabuATshawDOTca if this is still a possibility and I will see what I can do!

  5. David & Magaret Gilchrist says:

    In 1991, my bride and I,widowed after 33 & 35 yr marriages, honeymooned in Banff. In the hot tub, she was regretting having to miss the Edith Piaf (for whom she had several records) show by Joelle Rabu; but I had a wedding rehearsal back home that night. Another lady in the pool told us where it would be given in Alberta a few nights later, when we could go. She asked us our names; then told us to ask for our complimentary tickets when we arrived. It was Joelle herself! After that wonderful performance, she gave a rose from her beautiful bouquet to the pianist, who came and presented it with a gallant French flourish to my wife. What a kind and thoughtful gesture, which we have never forgotten. Thanks again, Joelle, for a great memory!

    • joelle says:

      David and Margaret! I remember you AND the moment you of which you speak!! How kind of you to write! I will be performing my Piaf show on March 21st at Nanaimo’s beautiful Port theatre with the Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra-1 night only…and my 25 year old son Nico Rhodes is orchestrating the show! Very excited to hear this show with all those instruments, the music really suits that sound. Stay in touch, not sure where you are writing from but hopefully our paths will cross one day again! Cheers, stay well, joelle

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