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Joëlle Rabu as Edith Piaf

A few songs from Tonight…Piaf

Sous Le Ciel De Paris

Mon Vieux Lucien

Les Mots D’amour

Tonight…Piaf, a highly acclaimed hit show written by Joëlle Rabu and Ted Galay, is an intimate musical drama, re-creating Edith Piaf’s final New York concert at the Waldorf Astoria in 1961.

Joëlle’s award winning portrayal of the legendary French songbird will leave you breathless.  Tonight…Piaf is performed in English with Piaf’s most memorable songs sung in both French and English. The show also features a quartet playing more than a dozen instruments highlighting the passionate music of that era. This spectacular piece of musical theatre has toured extensively; constantly receiving standing ovations, encores and rave reviews.


Written by Joëlle Rabu & Ted Galay
Music Direction & Arrangements –  J. Douglas Dodd
Original Stage Direction – the late Ray Michal
Sound Design – Phil Posner
Lighting Design – the late Dusty Rhodes
Costume Designers – Heather Hansen (Band), Courtenay Hindemit (Piaf)
Musicians: J. Douglas Dodd, Charlie Knowles, Tom Neville, Jack Stafford
Tonight…Piaf premiered at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, June 1989


“An unforgettable show… passionate voice.” The Vancouver Sun, BC
“Rabu’s Piaf is outstanding, a must see.” The Record, Québec
“Audience spellbound…Rabu’s Piaf is pure magic.” The Calgary Herald, Alberta
“Not merely an entertaining evening of song, it is strong theatre” Vancouver Province
“Rabu born to sing Piaf” Westender, Vancouver
“Une performance incomparable et inoubliable” La Tribune, Québec
“I saw Edith Piaf perform in Paris before she died. It was incredible. After seeing Joëlle’s performance tonight,  I can say Piaf lives again.” F. Délacour, Québec (audience)

Tonight…Piaf© is produced by RME Productions
Touring info
Caline Artists International 1-800-539-8558

Joëlle Rabu’s portrayal of Edith Piaf is not an impersonation
The critics have hailed her as being Piaf in voice and style. However, Joëlle believes there was only one Piaf and considers it a privilege to perform her songs and be accepted by the public who knew Edith. Joëlle’s upbringing offers many components necessary in understanding the character she plays. Her parents are from France, French is her first language learned at home, and her father led very much the street life that Piaf did. Joëlle was brought up “à la française“, with a lust for life and joie de vivre that can only be understood by living it. She has traveled throughout 5 continents and speaks several languages. The songs of Piaf were engraved in her heart at a very early age and the stories from Joëlle gypsy-like parents only enhanced her curiosity of that very special era.

Whether 8 years old or 80, the songs of Edith Piaf remain engraved in your soul for a lifetime. Her story is one that yearns to be told time and time again for it is a story of embracing life without fear.

Authors’ Note:


TONIGHT…Piaf was written by Joëlle Rabu and Ted Galay in 1989. The authors had seen several theatrical presentations of Edith Piaf’s life and felt that the question of why this woman sang the way she did was never really answered. They felt that the time had come to offer a new generation a look into the heart and soul of one of the world’s most passionate songstresses. Through a great deal of research and a small degree of poetic license, the writers decided to build a musical play on an actual event in order to offer the most honest and intimate portrayal of this great singer and formidable person. 

The concept of time, venue and circumstance in which the play takes place is real. This concert actually happened and Edith Piaf was, in fact, in very poor health. However the many people who saw Piaf in her final years all state that her last shows were the most poignant, dramatic, emotional and honest ever. Therefore the reason for choosing this concept as a dramatization of Piaf’s life became clear.

Tonight…Piaf plays in fully equipped theatres
Affiliations: Canadian Actor’s Equity & AFM
To book Tonight…Piaf contact: Caline Artists International
Toll free in North America: 1-800-539-8558

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  1. Maureen MacLeod says:

    Just saw your wonderful performance at Chemainus Theatre last week and would love my whole family to see your show. They live in Vancouver. Do you ever play in Vancouver and if so, when next?

  2. Lutz Haack says:

    I enjoyed listening to you in Greater Vancouver about 25 years ago. In a friends’ car I found your CD ‘Hold me”. My friend told me you were already ‘retired’. True?
    I still have two or three outdated tapes.
    Where could I buy your wonderful CD’s?
    Have a great time and enjoy life.

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