Tonight…Piaf Gallery

“Je dois chanter…even so, I must sing…”

“The press….they thought I was crazy. But when they do not know, why must they judge?”

“Each day was a circus parade, the nights were like songs to be sung. And love was a lovely charade with hearts that would always be young…”

“If you love me, really love me, mon amour crois tu qu’on s’aime?”Joëlle in Tonight...Piaf



Tonight…Piaf © RME productions

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  1. Hello, Joelle:

    How wonderful to see you are still going strong. You were so much in my mind these last couple of days as I was preparing to see a Fringe Festival show with two singers (soprano, baritone) performing Piaf and Brel. The baritone was fine.
    And every moment I thought of the life and passion you brought to “Tonight . . . Piaf!”
    That was real theatre — heart, warmth, soul and a voice that rings so true.
    I don’t know if you are going to bring the show back to Vancouver in the near future, but please let me know if you do. I shall certainly promote on the EntVan website — and perhaps we can do an interview. I now add audio clips to the site which seems to be popular.
    No matter what, it would be great to get together for a coffee and a nice chat.

    Have a wonderful day!



    • joelle says:

      Hello Monika, nice to hear from you! I will keep you posted if we ever decide to remount our show on the mainland-i’ve taken a step away from touring, enjoying all the many things that life has to offer. Thanks again for your kind words, stay well, joelle

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