January 2017 BC FULL CIRCLE tour ~ Joelle and Nico

Looking forward to performing together! Let’s hope Mother Nature will be gentle with the weather when we get on the BC roads. She sure blasted into 2017 with some ‘prairie-esque’ temperatures and snowfalls! Happy New Year everyone!

FULL CIRCLE Joelle and Nico in Concert
January 2017 BC Tour Dates and Venues

Wed, Jan. 18 @7:30 – Cranbrook Key City Theatre
Thurs, Jan. 19 @8:00 – Nelson Capitol Theatre
Fri, Jan. 20 @7:30 – Golden Civic Centre, Golden
Sat, Jan. 21 @7:30 – Quadra Island Community Centre, Heriot Bay
Wed, Jan. 25 @7:00 – Burns Lake First Mennonite Church Lakes District Arts Council
Thurs, Jan. 26 @7:00 – Smithers Della Herman Theatre
Fri Jan. 27 @7:00 – Kitimat Mt Elizabeth Theatre
Sat, Jan. 28 @8:00 – Terrace REM Lee Theatre
Sun, Jan. 29 @7:00 – Prince Rupert Lester Centre for the Arts

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