Mexico-a return engagement

Hitting the stage in Mexico this coming mid-December to mid-January! 

First stop is a return engagement at The Palm in Puerto Vallarta for a few nights and then off to Ajijic for another 3-week engagement at El Piano Rojo. My musician son, Nico, will be accompanying me as we present Encore Piaf…and More; a European style cabaret show featuring some of Piaf’s most memorable songs plus a delightful mix of other tunes sung in English, French and Spanish.

We are looking forward to returning to The Palm and seeing many familiar faces. We are also excited to perform in the new cabaret in Ajijic, which I hear is quite a beautiful spot. The best working holiday ever!

Performance dates, the season’ s list of performers or tickets online: visit The Palm’s website for details. 

Hasta pronto!


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  1. joelle says:

    Well, here we are in beautiful Ajijic and what a delightfully quaint town it is! Lots of artist studios and little shops tucked away along the narrow, cobblestone streets that all lead down to the largest lake in Mexico: Lake Chapala. Ajijic is 40 minutes from Guadalajara in the province of Jalisco, Mexico.

    The new cabaret El Piano Rojo, where we are performing, is wonderful. The last couple of months preparation to open this place have been a labour of love for three close friends: Kateri Brown, Francine Peters and Mark Rome. Each are brilliantly talented in their own right and watching the marriage of their numerous skills to create this intimate cabaret has been nothing short of miraculous. They have transformed an old level entry hotel into a classy entertainment space which features a 70-seat garden-patio (now the performance area); a studio for the Internationally renown painter Francine Peters; a Specialty Wine & Chocolate boutique “K’asbah K’teri” and a lobby-art gallery displaying the breathtaking paintings of both Francine Peters and Carol Rome. The bar features lots of drink choices and the service staff is super friendly.

    The audiences have been fantastic here at El Piano Rojo. The intimate stage allows the performers to engage with the locals, who are thrilled to have such a high caliber entertainment venue in their town.

    The success of this establishment is a testament to the hard work, creativity and passion being infused by the dynamic trio Kateri, Francine and Mark. I feel honoured to have been asked to perform here during its infancy and witness the climb to fame of El Piano Rojo.

    Felicidades y suerte amigos!

    For contact info on El Piano Rojo in Ajijic, Mexico: 376-766-2876 or visit the website

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